Cellular Long Distance

When you register your cellular telephone(s) with Convergia “Mobile Connect”, we will provide you with a local access number to call into. When you are ready to make a long distance call, simply dial the local access number, wait for the prompt, and then dial the national or international number you want to call. With “Mobile Connect”, you can now get the same amazing Convergia long distance rates from your cell phone as well!

How it Works?

How do I get access from my cellular phone?

  • Dial the local residential access number for your calling area. Convergia offers nationwide access numbers for the US and Canada.
  • Then dial 011 + country code + city code + telephone number for international destinations and 1 + area code + telephone number for North American calls.

Our nationwide local access numbers ensure convenient and extensive access to our network and unbeatable long distance rates. Simply register your cellular phone numbers with us and we will be able to automatically recognize your number, eliminating the need to enter any PIN numbers or user IDs.

With Convergia’s “Mobile Connect”, you finally have the freedom to make long distance calls from all of your business cellular phones and consolidate all your communications services into one comprehensive invoice.

Access Numbers





Brampton 905-499-1292 Quebec 418-948-1835
Brantford 519-805-4069 St. Catherine 905-378-1016
Calgary 403-770-6998 Toronto 647-722-9941
Cooksville 905-766-1648 Toronto 416-238-7837
Edmonton 780-702-1401 Vancouver 604-484-5136
Halifax 902-482-0323 Victoria 250-412-6981
Hamilton 905-769-6110 Waterloo-Kitchener 519-279-6627
Kingston 613-877-4097 Windsor 519-997-2702
London 519-937-1005 Winnipeg 204-480-9974
Montreal 514-693-6400 Hull 819-420-1911
Oshawa 905-233-1531 Chomedey (Laval) 450-902-1288
Ottawa 613-688-2366

For all other cities that are not included in the list you will use our toll free number. The rate is $0.02 per min higher than the regular rate.
Toll free number: 1-866-381-8404

Rate Plan


  • Unbeatable rates to the main international destinations
  • Your rate 24 hours, and 365 days a year
  • Sign up and start saving today
  • You can add up to 3 numbers (including mobiles) in your account
  • No connection fee
  • Min usage requirement of $5 applied /month
  • Click here for full rate plan