What are the Main Features of SIP Trunking?

One key feature of SIP Trunking is the ease and flexibility of adding or removing the number of channels on an ongoing basis, based on what your business actually needs and uses. As a leading SIP Trunking provider, Convergia makes it easy for businesses to customize and change their phone service solutions as needed.

Reliable and Secure VoIP Services for Businesses

Convergia, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is one of the best and most experienced SIP Trunk providers in the industry. Convergia has a private IP Network that ensures a completely reliable and secure environment for VoIP services for businesses. Convergia’s Session Border Controller (SBC)-based VoIP architecture provides secure VoIP connections with separate network access routers, to protect your business phone services and communications from potential service attacks by hackers.

As one of the most reliable providers of SIP Trunking and business phone system solutions, Convergia’s basic business phone services include local and long distance phone calling services with optional toll-free numbers, DID (direct inward dialing) numbers, phone directory assistance, as well as caller ID.

If you currently have an IP-PBX system in your office, you can take advantage of Convergia’s SIP Trunking service to save money making local and international long-distance calls. SIP Trunking supports the most popular IP PBXs, including: Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Positron, Asterisk and more.