ISDN PRI provides high-capacity, digital access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for simple, seamless integration of voice, data and video communications.
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) PRI (Primary Rate Interface) supports up to 23 simultaneous voice channels and 1-D channel, allowing faster connections and clearer signals than analog lines, along with sophisticated set of features, quality and competitive rates to enhance our clients’ business communications.


Cost Savings and Efficiency

Simplified network management, maintenance and billing provide substantial savings on day-to-day operational related tasks

Ample Capacity and More Savings

A PRI can carry 23 calls on a single line and can support hundreds or thousands of employees needing to make or receive phone calls

Higher Productivity

Features, speed, call quality and simultaneous multiple transmission capabilities boost users’ productivity

Advanced Features Available

Powerful set of call management features to meet your business needs

Attractive Long Distance Rates

Attractive long distance rates over a reliable network


  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) to enable an outside caller to call an internal extension without passing through an operator
  • Vanity Numbers to create personalized and reserved DID numbers
  • Manage routing of incoming calls based on the telephone number dialed & control the min(s) and max(s) of calls for trunk groups directly from the PBX
  • Line hunting, so that incoming calls can be routed to the next available line
  • View the full suite of features available on our PRI

More Features



Touch Tone Dialing
Last Call Return  
Auto Recall  
Call Trace  
Selective Call Rejection  
Per Call Privacy  
Speed Dial  
Conference Calling – 3-way  
Call Transfer  
Call Waiting  
Call Forward Busy  
Call Forward No Answer  
Call Forward Universal  
Calling Name Display  
Calling Number Display  
Toll Restriction  
Remote Call Forward Access   Additional fees may apply
Voice Mail with Message Waiting Indication   Additional fees may apply
Hunting   On request
Outbound Name Display  
Outbound Number Display  
Dialed Number Identification (DNI)  
Advance Routing and Call Overflow  

Frequently Asked Questions



How many channels do the ISDN PRI support? The ISDN PRI line supports up to 23 B-Channels for voice and one D-Channel for data, therefore 23 simultaneous calls either incoming or outgoing.
Can I enable Convergia’s Long Distance service on my ISDN PRI? Yes, you can add the same long distance service as was on the analog system; that way you can keep the benefits of Convergia’s long distance service: competitive rates and high quality.
Is Call Waiting an available feature of the ISDN PRI? No, Call Waiting can only be activated on non-hunting lines, however, your phone system may support that; if you are not sure just call us, we will be glad to assist you.
Do I need to upgrade my phone system when switching to ISDN PRI? It depends; if your current phone system is compatible with a PRI card, you will not need to upgrade; if you are not sure just call us, we will be glad to assist you.
Will my PRI work with an analog card? No, the PRI requires a digital card.
Can I use Fax capabilities on my PRI line? Yes, ISDN PRI supports fax capabilities with a Fax Interface Card for your PBX.
Can I transfer from VOIP to ISDN PRI? Yes, if your phone system is PRI compatible, a PRI will be installed, replacing VOIP. We will port the number to the PRI as your pilot number.

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What is a Voice PRI Line?

A Primary Rate Interface (PRI) line is an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) line (which is a standard telecommunication phone line), enabling voice, data, and video to be transmitted across a traditional telephone line.

PRI circuits have two pairs of copper lines, terminating on a modem spanning from the service provider to the caller’s business.

A Voice PRI line can process 23 calls, whether incoming or outgoing, simultaneously. PRIs are end-to-end digital circuits providing comparably higher voice quality than analog trunk lines.

PRI Line Benefits

1. Greater flexibility in handling incoming as well as outgoing calls

2. Direct Inward Dialing (DID) facilitates external calls to be directly forwarded on to employees without an operator or receptionist.

3. Transparent, smooth transfer of external phone calls to outside numbers.

4. Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three-way calling plus many more additional features are all included at no extra charge.

5. A PRI line accommodates voice connectivity, video conferencing, data transfer, faxes and more.