What Are The Benefits of Hosted PBX

Businesses will enjoy many benefits of Hosted PBX and a VoIP business phone system. Some of the benefits of Hosted PBX services and VoIP include:

Mobility Convergence – Mobility convergence enables a business to improve productivity and expand its market; now even the smallest business can operate in multiple locations while using various devices, with one integrated solution that makes it easy for customers to reach you through a toll-free phone number or numerous local telephone numbers.

High Quality, Cost-Effective, Cloud-Based Communication Solutions

Cost-Effective, OPEX Reduction – Through Convergia’s Hosted PBX, a business no longer needs to buy and maintain a phone system or key system hardware; Convergia offers affordable pay-per-seat pricing, so that businesses can get everything they need (and only what they need) for one low per user price with no hidden fees.

High Quality – Convergia’s Hosted PBX and business phone systems are feature rich, high quality and reliable. Convergia provides the enterprise-class features and reliability a business needs in order to portray a professional image and increase customer satisfaction.

Convergia’s Hosted PBX Solution Supports The Industry Leading Phone Models (Cisco, Avaya, Polycom, Mitel, Yealink and More)

Up to Date – Convergia enables companies to future-proof their infrastructure and offers easily scalability as their business grows. Convergia ensures that businesses are always up to date with the latest features and capabilities. Convergia’s Hosted PBX solution supports the industry leading phone models (Cisco, Polycom, Mitel, Avaya, and more); plus you can add or reduce extensions as required or add or reduce PBX features as needed on an ongoing basis.

Convergia Offers Built-In Disaster Recovery and 24×7 Network Monitoring

Disaster Recovery – Convergia’s Hosted PBX solution offers built-in disaster recovery and 24×7 network monitoring. Any loss of Internet or other catastrophic event at a business premises will have almost no effect on normal business operations, as calls will still either go to voicemail or to a cell phone. This is because Convergia’s Hosted PBX equipment is secure and protected in a collocation facility with redundancy, backup power sources and other special safeguards.

Secure, Guaranteed Hosted PBX Phone Systems and Voip Solutions

Companies can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their Hosted PBX phone system and VoIP service is secure, with guaranteed service and availability through Convergia, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.