Our solution was designed and built around state of the art technology to get the best mix of functionality, security, performance and stability.

The following are the high level modules in the current version:



Transactional API Oracle Database PL/SQL programming, tuned for performance and data integrity.
Database Layer 3 Node Oracle Enterprise Edition RAC, using Advanced Services for dynamic resource allocation.
Storage Layer Three Fibre channel SANs:
EMC CX500 – 12 TB of High Speed Fibre channel disks (main storage for live data and real-time processing)
IBM DS4300 – 14 TB of High Speed Fibre channel disks (reporting and datamarts)
IBM DS4100 – 12 TB of SAS disks (historical data & reports and system backups)Each SAN has multiple redundant options for uninterrupted operations.
Access Layer 2 Server Cluster running JBOSS for REST & SOAP requests. These servers are running individual instances for Production and Testing environments.
Web Access 2 Server Cluster running Oracle Glassfish for HTTP & HTTPS requests.
Web User Interface Build using Oracle APEX and the latest Web Technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, Ajax, Rest, etc.). APEX supports thousands of simultaneous transactions under a fully secured environment.


Large Distribution Network

We provide a large distribution network, that is in the process of expanding to approximately 500,000 points of sale throughout the Americas.

Additional Tools

We offer our channel partners the expertise and additional tools to manage their business.

Value Transfers

We support a wide range of alternative value transfers, both domestic and international.

Growing Distribution

Our distribution network reaches millions of people, and is growing every day.

Points of Sale

Linking up to points of sale relies heavily on distributor relationships, technological capability, organizational partnerships, market expertise, and more.

Our Products




  • Pinless
  • Pinless Plus
  • Long Distance Cards

Coming Soon…

  • Pinless Mobile (CVMobile)
  • Roaming Free Mobile Products (WorldSIM)
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Mass Insurance
  • Fidelity Plans
  • Assistance
  • Home Care, Legal Care, TeleMed, Body Repatriation

Coming Soon…

  • Secure Cash, Secure Phone
  • Bill Payments
  • Cash Advance

Why do business with Convergia?

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We have Consultants who understand your market and your challenges. Request a specialist

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