Convergia’s MPLS VPNs give you peace of mind, knowing that your traffic is always safe and protected in Convergia’s private virtual network. With our service availability guarantee, you will enjoy reliability, security and scalability, backed by strong technical support available 24/7/365.

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What is MPLS – IP VPN?

Convergia unifies all your locations and simplifies your network management using our secure Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. Our MPLS services converge your organization’s voice, video and data applications onto a single, high-capacity IP-VPN (Virtual Private Network) to provide optimal performance, flexibility and security without the corresponding increases in cost and complexity.

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Convergia’s MPLS – IP VPN Competitive Advantages

  1. National and international network coverage: we are the only Canadian company who has presence in USA, Mexico and other countries; we can provide you with local support
  2. Comprehensive SLAs: we sign a service level agreement with our customers; this means we guarantee high quality service
  3. Data confidentiality & improved security, high levels of security not just in the core, but also in the network infrastructure, network management and operational levels
  4. 24/7 Network Monitoring, resilient & robust network; traffic is re-routed dynamically in the event of a core network outage
  5. Fast, flexible & reliable international network; low latencies between regions support delay-sensitive applications such as voice and video
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MPLS – IP VPN Benefits

Improve network performance and management to accommodate new applications.

Reduce IT costs and improve quality at the right price.

Increases reliability and isolates your network from public Internet.

Unified voice, data and video on a private and secure IP network.

More network control that improves operation efficiency.

Convergia’s MPLS – IP VPN Features