Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT improves the ability to manage and optimize your business more clearly and in real time, from the temperature of your product, performance of individual machines, water and energy consumption, monitoring of remote assets, to the metrics of your vehicles on the road such as location, fuel consumption, stopping times, monitoring of engine shutdown & ignition.

Convergia IoT Solutions simplifies smart, connected products. Our team of experts can help you throughout your entire product development cycle from component level design to cloud and data insights. We’ll be by your side every step of the way, ensuring your success.

Experience the difference of having a true end-to-end IoT solutions partner.

We offer a complete suite of services to support your IoT and M2M needs:

Global Connectivity

One contract. One platform. One global connection.

Connectivity Management

Track and manage all of your devices, regardless of technology or network.

Cloud & Application Services

Our application testing with rapid access to data helps you get to market quickly.

Hardware & Software

Device Certification for unparalleled speed-to-market.

Connecting machines using cellular services designed for consumer mobile devices can be challenging. The intermittent network failure and incomplete network coverage will interrupt your IoT service delivery, and impact the customer experience and service quality. Convergia resolves the problem with the Smart SIM and connectivity service designed for connecting machines. The multi-operator SIM offers the best global coverage, and continuous data service for connecting machines without human interventions.

Check out how Convergia can help to enable truly global IoT services.

Key Solutions and Benefits


Operator-agnostic, global coverage → Provides access to cellular networks worldwide; simplifies your multinational or global deployment.


Quality-centric data service → Network selection is based on the best cellular network available in the area. Recover from network outages automatically.


eUICC remote provisioning → Allows changing operator without touching any SIM card.


Unified IoT management platform → Administer your account in one single portal: Managed lifecycle of all SIMs on a single console, connectivity monitoring, custom usage alerts, fraud alert on an unauthorized calling number.

Global Connectivity & SMART SIM

One Contract, Multiple Networks

A SIM designed specifically for IoT deployments and a central platform that simplifies logistic and management, with the highest degree of freedom with access to multiple mobile networks operators worldwide.

Our Smart SIM lets IoT deployments, M2M (Machine to Machine), break free from the cell-phone model.

M2M (Machine to Machine)

3 Key Reasons to Choose Convergia

More Reasons why Convergia is the Right Choice for IoT

Global Connectivity

Connect to leading providers worldwide with one SIM card and enjoy complete coverage since more than one network option is available in a given area.

One Contract & Predictable Costs

IoT deployments can expand quickly by having all operator agreements pre-integrated onto the SIM; no extra setup time for accessing new providers in new regions.

Reliability, Security & 24/7 Support

Global, redundant, 24×7 coverage capable of supporting mission critical applications.

Simplified Logistics & Lower Operating Costs

One platform that controls worldwide and multi-operator connectivity. Seamless operation from management to diagnostics.

Superior Data Connections & Longer Lifecycles

Consistent, resilient transmissions so that IoT devices can stay online 24/7. The SIM is compatible with all networks, from 2G to LTE, while our remote updates provide flexibility and keep pace with technology changes.

SMART SIM vs Other Sims




  • Cumulative coverage of all operators
  • Best network selected dynamically
  • Improved 2G/3G continuity
  • Preferred operator list on SIM with attachment ranking
  • Attaches only to home networks when in “home” country
  • Steering to preferred networks can slow performance
  • One network, one country
  • High roaming charges
  • Risk of 2G/3G phase-out
  • Multiple technical routes to reach any network
  • Higher end-to-end resilience
  • Flexible network switching for increased availability rate
  • One technical route for all covered networks
  • Lower end-to-end resilience
  • Switches only when network is unavailable or down
  • One access network, one back-end route, one infrastructure
  • One management portal for service, SIM, geography, and consumption
  • API library
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Help desk
  • Portal and API set is operator-dependent
  • Limited troubleshooting tools in roaming context (operator-dependent)
  • Rudimentary portal and APIs. if any
  • Limited helpdesk support, if any

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