Business Internet

Convergia’s Business Internet service provides asymmetric Internet access and different last miles such as Fibre optic or Cable. You can now support a variety of applications, including IP telephony, Unified Communications and Collaboration tools.

Our Basic Business Internet service is available from $59.95 / month*.



Asymmetrical Speeds

Our services include asymmetrical speeds for any budget and all types of businesses



Cost-effective: affordable high-speed solutions


Static IP Address

Additional static IP address available


  • Available Canada-wide; contact us for more information
  • Bandwidth efficiency and flexibility, asymmetrical speeds
  • Data confidentiality & improved security, high levels of security not just in the core, but also in the network infrastructure, network management and operational levels

*Available where technology permits. Pricing based on 3-year term and may vary based on location. Taxes and installation fees extra. Additional conditions may apply. To learn about available offers and promotions simply send us an e-mail or call us toll-free at 1.888-369-3669 and one of our Dedicated Account Managers will call you to schedule a free on-site review of your telecom services.

Optional Features

  • Option to have your CPE remotely managed by our experts
  • Cloud Collaboration
  • Dynamic load balancing, redundant local access and other resilience measures

Why do business with Convergia?

One single bill
International presence
High quality at the right price
We have Consultants who understand your market and your challenges


We have Consultants who understand your market and your challenges. Request a specialist

Simply send us an e-mail or call us toll-free at 1-888-369-3669 and one of our Dedicated Account Managers will call you to schedule a free on-site review of your telecom services.



High Speed Internet Access

Convergia ADSL service, or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, is a technology that enables more data to be transmitted across existing copper telephone lines, reaching download speeds up to 20Mb (standard download speed is 6Mbps and standard upload speed is 512Kbps). Convergia’s Internet Access service allows fast downloads of large files, as well as utilization of Convergia’s Digital Line or VoIP services, application sharing and peering. Convergia’s Business Internet Service offers various speeds, starting from Convergia’s DSL Standard 1.5Mbps x 256Kbps, ADSL Bullet 3Mbps x 384Kbps and DSL Express 6Mbps x 512kps. The actual speed of your Internet Access is dependent upon the distance of your site from the Data Center and the quality of the copper through which the service is delivered.

High Speed Internet Access with Lots of Great Features

Convergia Internet Access offers many advantages, most notably: economical installation and running costs, high download speeds, static IP address (optional), and unlimited bandwidth transfer. Convergia’s Internet Access Service is also available in select areas utilizing your own Business Local Line.

Customers are responsible for ensuring no contract exists for the service, canceling any existing ADSL with current provider, changing the modems on the installation date, and reconfiguring (where needed) the ADSL connection (either in the router or on computer). If you have Webmail service from an existing Internet access provider, it will be necessary to change your mail server addresses. Delivery time varies based on availability of facilities, and could take up to 20 business days. Convergia’s Internet Access service is available in most territories throughout the USA.