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Avaya Business Phones

Avaya offers a wide range of Business Phone Systems and Office digital deskphones that are easy to use and come with many convenient features, such as clearly legible large displays, interactive soft keys and paper-free labeling.

With high-resolution touchscreens, user-programmable buttons, and superior audio quality, Avaya Business Phone Systems and Office digital desk phones combine modern, sleek design with durable construction that will ensure years of reliable performance for your company.

Avaya Business Phone Systems and Digital Models Are available in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario

Avaya Digital models
include :

  • 9500 Series Digital Telephones: 9504 and 9508
  • 1400 Series Digital Telephones: 1408 and 1416

The 9500 Series of Digital Deskphones, from the wide selection of Avaya Business Phone Systems provide businesses the capability of delivering reliable, full-featured communications solutions which accommodate the needs of many different users. Avaya’s office telephones are smartly designed and provide crystal clear audio. Avaya Business Phone Systems and Office digital desk telephones are convenient, intuitive and user-friendly, fostering improved employee productivity and ensuring streamlined communications to help companies strategically gain an edge against their competition.

Avaya’s 9500 Series is perfectly suited for office deployment in a mixed digital or IP telephony environment, and ideal for businesses looking to upgrade or expand upon existing Avaya endpoints.

Avaya Business Phone Systems accommodate various needs for a broad mix of office users, Avaya’s 1400 Series of business Digital Deskphones have a contemporary design offering advanced audio technology and many features to enhance office productivity. Avaya’s 1400 Series of business Digital Desk phones are compatible with Avaya Aura® and Avaya IP Office.

Avaya IP Deskphone Models available in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario through Convergia Networks

Avaya IP Deskphone models

  • 9600 Series IP Deskphone: 9608, 9611, 9620, 9621, 9630, 9640 and 9650
  • 1600 Series Digital Telephones: 1603, 1608 and 1616

Offering brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customizability and outstanding performance, these powerful Avaya Business IP desk phones have a context-sensitive graphical interface and large color touch screens, providing improved call control while also greatly simplifying the traditional telephone experience.

The Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones help to increase productivity while also improving worker satisfaction, thus turning your communications system into a competitive benefit for your company.

Avaya’s 9600 Series IP Desk phones are compatible with Avaya’s Aura® platform. Most of these Business Phone Systems and offfice desk phone models also work with Avaya’s IP Office platform (note: models 9670G and 9601 are not compatible with IP Office).

For companies with just basic communications needs, Avaya’s 1600 Series IP Deskphones offer familiar features at a low price point. Perfect for office, branch, and call center use, they can be deployed alongside other Avaya business phones, giving each employee the functionality he or she needs.

Avaya’s 1600 Series merges the features of traditional these Business Phone Systems and IP deskphones, providing the capabilities usually found in more expensive devices. All of the models include backlit displays, full duplex speakerphones, and dual LED buttons (red and green), providing status information that is easy to read. These phones can support from 3 to 16 line appearance/feature keys and can display up to 4 lines.

All these Avaya Business Phone Systems and office IP desk phones work with both the Avaya Aura® and IP Office platforms.

Avaya Wireless Phones available through Convergia, based in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario

Avaya’s wireless business phones allow you and your staff to work anywhere in the office with all the functionality of IP Office.

Avaya offers a range of office phones to extend the power of IP business telephony across a wireless LAN. These IP wireless phones are highly scalable and are designed for multiple end-user needs and environments, providing access to productivity enhancing features such as conferencing and corporate directories.

Avaya’s wireless phone models include the 3641, 3720, 3740 and 3749 in IP DECT; and the 3645 or 3725 in WLAN; in addition, the D160 model is for SIP DECT.

Avaya Business Conference Phones available in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario

Business conference calls are easily arranged and managed using Avaya’s conference phones, leveraging Avaya’s built-in IP Office conference bridge, with OmniSound® technology assuring the clearest audio quality. Avaya’s business conference phones include an SD slot for recording phone calls, plus a built-in conference guide, as well as optional expansion microphones that can extend up to a 750-foot range, and which can easily be upgraded.

Models include the B149, B159 and B179.