Features of CloudServer

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) abstracts hardware (server, storage, and network infrastructure) into a pool of computing, storage, and connectivity capabilities that are delivered as services for a usage-based (metered) cost. The goal is to provide a flexible, standard, and virtualized operating environment that serves as a foundation for PaaS and SaaS. CloudServer Features elaborate on Convergia’s CloudServer solution.

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud is a pool of computing services delivered via the Internet, offered through a vendor usually with a “pay as you go” or “metered service” model. Public Cloud Computing has many advantages: you only pay for resources you use; you enjoy more agility with quick deployment; rapid capacity scaling is available; and all services are delivered with consistent availability, resiliency, security, and manageability. Public Cloud options include:

  • Shared Public Cloud: The Shared Public Cloud offers rapid implementation, massive scalability, and low entry cost. It is delivered in a shared physical infrastructure where the architecture, customization, and degree of security are designed and managed by the provider based on need and demand.
  • Dedicated Public Cloud: The Dedicated Public Cloud offers functionality similar to a Shared Public Cloud, but delivered on a dedicated physical infrastructure. Security, performance, and in some cases customization are stronger in the Dedicated Public Cloud as compared to the Shared Public Cloud, but its cost may be higher than that of the Shared Public Cloud, depending on the volume.


Convergia can move all of your business applications to the Cloud, and we can use your existing licensing or help provide licensing for the applications you want.


Without oversubscribed CPU or RAM, backed by an all-10 gigabit network, Convergia’s Cloud services outperform other Cloud offerings.

Reduce Risk

Owning your own infrastructure can be expensive and time consuming. Convergia’s CloudServer reduces the work, frustration and risk associated with owning your own infrastructure, while eliminating capital expenditures. Convergia’s CloudServer lets you pay-as-you-go, giving you predictable, consistent monthly costs so you can simplify your budget and financial planning.

Eliminate IT Headaches

Our expert CloudIntelligence team will assist you through setup and with any questions. We can maintain as much or as little as you want and can help you with any and all upgrades and updates.

Your applications are kept safe and secure, in a private cloud environment with encryption, firewalls, and monitoring. In addition, you will enjoy peace of mind with Disaster Recovery. CloudServer utilizes the best technology both HP and Cisco servers have to offer. We have also designed a user-friendly control panel that lets you make changes whenever you like.


Our high performance Clouds and dedicated private Clouds provide on-demand access to the infrastructure, applications, and data needed to meet and exceed all your financial, operational and IT objectives. We will take care of your installation and maintenance, all backed by our usual 100% uptime SLAs on power and IP service.

Support Always Available

Convergia has IT professionals available at all times, allowing you to operate worry-free and with the confidence that you always have support whenever it is needed.

Enterprise Level Infrastructure

By leveraging the infrastructure in our data centers for your business critical applications, you are equipped and ready to operate like an enterprise-level organization, all at a fraction of the cost it would be to own all your own gear and maintain it on an ongoing basis.