CloudOffice FAQs

CloudOffice is an all-encompassing Cloud solution designed with the SMB marketplace in mind. Small and medium-sized businesses are leaders in adopting new technology, but all too often that technology is priced out of their reach-not any longer! CloudOffice FAQs delve into our all-in-one solution.

What’s the difference between CloudOffice and a regular desktop?

There are many differentiators including advanced security, redundancy, manageability, and more. Convergia’s CloudOffice product replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer’s applications to the Cloud. This eliminates the need for the customer’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. We can also package your business applications and add them to your CloudOffice. Your employees will be working in an enterprise-grade environment that is controlled and monitored 24x7x365. Additionally, all your data will be backed up in the cloud securely. With our CloudOffice, you will have solutions that support collaboration and mobile workforces from any device, with any app, anywhere.

What all is included with CloudOffice?

CloudOffice includes a virtual desktop environment with 1 CPU/4GBs RAM. It also includes a full office solution of applications including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, unlimited bandwidth within the data center, and unlimited document storage.

We host our mail system onsite now, how do we move everything to the cloud?

You can research and execute your own migration plan or have us take care of everything for you. We have all of the tools and resources necessary to move your current mail to our environment seamlessly, with little to no effort on your part.

How will I know all my data is secure?

Convergia delivers the highest quality protection for your data and information. We have the best in breed data centers to hold your sensitive information for safe, encrypted storage in our SAS70, SSAE 16 Tier 3, Class 1 Data Centers.

How does the setup process for CloudOffice work?

At the infrastructure level, CloudOffice is fully backed by Active Directory architecture to simplify the deployment of user accounts. With our front-end control panel, even non-technical clerical and HR workers have the ability to easily spin up user accounts and provision users with a Desktop, Mailbox, Applications, and File Permissions in one fluid and smooth process using a “next, next, finish” procedure. Built on the same technology as our CloudDesktop platform, rich HD graphics, and a seamless end user experience are just a few of the many benefits of our CloudOffice product offering.

What is the ideal size customer for CloudOffice?

10 or more users – no maximum.

Must I pay for licensing?

All licensing is included for the applications provided in CloudOffice. Additional applications can be evaluated to be included in the virtual desktop environment at the customer’s request. The customer is responsible for providing licensing for additional applications.

Can I run CloudOffice from any device?

Yes, all devices that connect to the internet and support the Citrix receiver (either via desktop browser or via the downloadable App – i.e. Apple App Store or Google Play Store) are available to run CloudOffice.

What are the requirements for CloudOffice?

CloudOffice is a fully functioning and stable desktop that can replace traditional physical hardware. The only requirements to run CloudOffice are a stable internet connection with at least 100 kb/user.

Can I run CloudOffice on a thin/zero client?

Yes, any device that can connect to the internet can run CloudOffice.

How much document storage does CloudOffice have?

CloudOffice comes with unlimited storage* within the virtual environment.

*Unlimited storage is based on an average amount of user data which is capped out at 50 MB/user. Storage can be pooled within an organization.

What if I have additional apps not included in CloudOffice?

Convergia offers the ability to virtualize almost any business application on the market. If you have a specific application that you would like to include in your virtual environment, please contact your CloudEngineer for evaluation of the application. The user is responsible for an additional licensing per application virtualized for CloudOffice.