FAQs About CloudBackup

Can I use one license for CloudBackup on more than one computer?

You will need a CloudBackup license for each computer.

Does CloudBackup copy opened files?

Yes, CloudBackup uses Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Technology to back up opened files.

How does CloudBackup make sure my data is protected?

Convergia’s CloudBackup utilizes the best and strongest encryption algorithms in the industry to keep your data secure.

Does CloudBackup copy all my files every time?

No, Convergia’s CloudBackup tracks all modifications made since the prior backup, and only copies those changes, in order to ensure a faster and smoother backup process.

Can CloudBackup copy just the modified parts of my larger files?

Yes, block-level backup is fully supported with Convergia’s CloudBackup.

Does CloudBackup keep earlier versions of my files?

Yes; this enables you to go back in time and restore a file to a certain point in the past if you wish.

If I delete a file on my computer, does that delete it from backup storage as well?

Yes, the file will be deleted from the online storage too. However, it will remain in backup storage for 30 days in order to avoid accidental deletion.

Can CloudBackup copy the data immediately when and as changes are being made?


Are MAC OS X platforms supported by Convergia’s CloudBackup?

No, Convergia’s CloudBackup is compatible only with Windows.