Strong 256-Bit Encryption

Convergia’s 256-Bit encryption ensures your data is safe at all times, even before backing it up to the cloud.

Hardened SSL Encryption

All information is encrypted using SSL encryption protocols that securely protect your information from hackers or any other outside access.

Optional Server Side Encryption

You may choose to add an optional layer of security for your most critical information to ensure optimal encryption at the data center.

Full Data Backup

Convergia offers incremental backup and block level backup options, enabling you to choose which data and files need to be backed up.

Convergia Offers Windows Server Backup and Recovery Options

Convergia’s CloudBackup includes:

  • File Level Backup and Recovery: You can select which files and folders to backup
  • System State Backup and Bare Metal Recovery: Convergia enables you to implement a system state backup or whole system image to restore original Windows Server configuration or to rebuild your entire system, either with new or current hardware
  • SQL Server Backup: Convergia’s backup MS SQL server databases have pre-determined suggested templates available or you can configure your own customized instructions for full, differential or transaction log backup
  • Exchange Backup: Convergia’s backup MS Exchange mail stores to the cloud

Scheduled Bandwidth Usage

With Convergia’s CloudBackup, you can configure customizable backups to use bandwidth available over non-operating hours, while throttling backup traffic during the course of your regular business hours.

Data Purge Options

Convergia lets you determine purge options for automatic deletion of old data based on your particular specifications.

Seamless and Secure Backup

With Convergia you can do backups on a set schedule or continuously. You can customize a specific retention policy for backups, and reduce backup traffic by implementing local compression.

Scheduled or Real-Time Backup

Backups can be done per a set schedule or on a continual basis. You can use a schedule for regular backups, while simultaneously backing up any new or updated files in real time.

Design a Safe and Secure Backup Solution with Convergia

Convergia provides seamless and secure backup of your data to the cloud; takes care about all the management, monitoring and reliability for you.

CloudBackup solutions start at just $150/TB

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Backup Schedule:

You can set up a backup schedule with whatever time and frequency you designate.

Real-Time Backup:

Convergia’s CloudBackup can back everything up automatically, and can track for new folders and file changes to back them up immediately on an ongoing basis.


Your information is always safe and secure from unauthorized access. Convergia’s CloudBackup encrypts all data before uploading it to the cloud.


Convergia’s CloudBackup will save you time and money on backups and data recovery plans, because all files are compressed prior to transferring them.

Virtual Disk:

You can keep your cloud storage via a local disk on your computer to easily access your data.

Intelligent Bandwidth Scheduler:

With Convergia’s CloudBackup, you can configure customizable backups to use bandwidth available over non-operating hours, so you use less bandwidth throughout regular business hours.

Local Backup:

Convergia’s CloudBackup enables you to create a local backup and send just select data to the cloud while maintaining the rest in local backup storage.

Block Level Backup:

Convergia’s CloudBackup can detect changes made in folders and files and then automatically backup only new information to remote storage.


  • You can keep your backups in a remote location.
  • You can restore your backups anytime from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Schedule your backups whenever and however you want them, whether on an ongoing or designated basis.
  • Backups are always protected by the strongest encryption methods available.
  • Backup data can be compressed in order to lower the amount of storage space needed.

Backup in the Convergia Cloud

Cloud backup is a method of backing up data and transferring it to an off-site server. Cloud backup is a critical element of ensuring business continuity. It may sound scary, but cloud backup is extremely secure, protecting your data in a safe, encrypted environment and ensuring only you and authorized users have access to it whenever needed.