On April 18, 2019, Convergia with his allies Ingram and Microsoft held the event “Convergia Business Continuity”, organized by Convergia in the 40westt restaurant and shared innovative news about Microsoft Azure, SD-Wan Solutions, Office 365 and Convergia Wireless Back up.

The event provided an opportunity for the organizations to further understand SD-Wan and how it improves performance by integrating in the cloud.

At the event, four high-level speakers took to the stage for a series of in-depth, one-on-one conversations about SD-Wan solutions and how the organization could profit from these by lowering costs and improving performance. They also discussed wireless backup and how the customer can control all their SIM cards on one platform, helping in this way the global strategy of their companies. The speakers also talked about Microsoft Azure and Office 365. The guests left the event with a deepened understanding of the cloud and how it can improve business continuity.

This event welcomed 57 notable guests from a cross-section of organizations and industries.


Dante Passalacqua | SD-WAN

Dante Passalacqua, the Vice-president of Technology from Convergia, talked about the benefits of Convergia SD-WAN and how to know if a company needs SD-WAN.

Advantages of SD-WAN:

  • Between 40% to 70% TCO reduction
  • Deployment in weeks instead of months
  • Similar (if not superior) Network Security
  • You own your Network, and are not tied to a specific provider
  • Battle-tested technology

SD-WAN Information and English and French


Eric Leduc | Wireless Backup


Eric Leduc, the Director IoT/Cloud North America from Convergia, talked about Connectivity by Convergia and the benefits of one platform to rule all. Also, he shared with the audience how Connectivity by Convergia Router for Wireless Cellular Network Backup and Failover helps to maintain essential functions in the company from downtime.

Connectivity by Convergia Information and English and French

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Mathieu Lavoie | Cloud Azure

Microsoft Canada: Mathieu Lavoie, Territory Channel Manager, Eastern Canada presented Azure. He talked about how Data Backup provides easy, scalable data backup services in the cloud and how Disaster Recovery can offer peace of mind via ongoing cloud-based DR services.

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Juriu Slavec | Office 365

From Ingram: Jurij Slavec, Executive specialist cloud portfolio for Eastern Canada, presented Office 365 and how this solution can help the organization unlock creativity, build teamwork, grow 5x more likely to be high performing and access your work anywhere.

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