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Home Digital Line

Convergia Home Line Service Plans are the most inexpensive phone service plans in Canada. Choose between our Basic Plane or our Premium Plan.

Long Distance

Unbeatable domestic and international long distance phone calling plans from Canada with the highest quality and cheap rates. Enjoy our inexpensive overseas calls. No need for international calling cards.

Cellular Long Distance

With "Mobile Connect", you can now get the same amazing Convergia long distance rates from your cell phone as well!

Home Country Number DID

Stay in touch with friends and family back home with a Local Line from major cities.

Computer Phone

Your COMPUTER can also be USED AS A PHONE!

You will be able to place and receive telephone calls using your high speed internet connection with Unlimited local calls (incoming and outgoing), unbeatable long distance rates and Huge savings.

Global Travel Calling Cards

Whether traveling or just outside your home or office, you can now fully avoid unnecessary and very expensive wireless roaming fees, hotel charges, payphone and collect call charges with Convergia's "Platinum Global Calling Card" which offers you a secure and convenient access to our amazing long distance rates from most locations in Canada, United States and the rest of the world.


Enjoy low calling rates 24/7! Call rates as low as 1.9¢ per minute.