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Business Phone Systems and Services offered in Sherbrooke Quebec

Business Phone Systems and Services - Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke, Quebec-QC, Business Phone Systems and Services by Convergia

Convergia has a broad selection of business phone systems and services for small offices and companies of all sizes. With a wide variety of business line plans, business phone systems, international long distance calling packages and high speed Internet access options, you are sure to find options that work best for your Sherbrooke, Quebec, QC business needs and budget.

Convergia offers the highest quality, the lowest rates, reliable phone services, convenient features and an ongoing commitment to total customer satisfaction for all business phone services.

Most business phone service providers in Sherbrooke charge more for extra business telephone system features like caller ID, call forwarding and conference calls. Your business, whether large or small, will save money by having one low monthly phone fee for unlimited phone calls, along with dozens of convenient business phone features to streamline all your Sherbrooke business communications.

VOIP Business Phone Systems Come with Great Features

VOIP phone service is revolutionizing the world of telecommunications. Small, medium and large sized companies in Sherbrooke, Quebec, QC are now able to manage their business telephone systems with higher efficiency and less cost, by changing to VOIP phone lines and without having to change their Sherbrooke, Quebec business phone numbers.

By utilizing a VOIP business telephone system, your business can benefit from all of the most convenient telephone features like caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling, and much more, without the need to change your Sherbrooke business phone number(s) or having to sign a contract to switch to a VOIP phone system. VOIP digital lines (Internet phones) are compatible with all kinds of phone systems and IP PBXs.

VOIP offers higher quality local and international long distance phone calling services from Sherbrooke, Quebec at a much lower cost. VOIP phone service plans include unlimited local calls, voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, unlimited calls between Convergia digital line customers, along with unbeatable long distance rates, and work with all phone systems and PBXs.

PRI Telephones – A Simple Solution

Convergia Voice PRI services (Primary Rate Interfaces) are the most cost effective solution for Local, Toll Free and Long Distance services, lowering your Sherbrooke business’s telecommunications expenses. Voice PRI telephone services offer better performance, quality and reliability for any type and size of business.

A standard PRI comprises 23 voice channels and one D channel for signaling. Our Voice PRI telephone services are high capacity communication lines which offer your business more features and better flexibility at a lower price. PRI makes it easy for businesses to increase their communications capabilities while also managing their long distance calling costs.

A Convergia Voice PRI telephone system gives your business a complete digital networking solution. When the requirements for your Sherbrooke office increase or change, you can easily upgrade your phone system package with additional PRI telephone equipment and PRI services.

Switch to Integrated Business Communications (Unified Communications - UC)

Unified Communications integrate all your Sherbrooke company’s communications into a single, easy-to-use solution. UC is a set of products creating a unified user interface and experience through several communications devices and media types. Unified Communications (UC) makes advanced telecommunications technology affordable to all sizes of business in Sherbrooke, Quebec, QC at much less cost.

By exchanging communications across multiple devices and media types, UC integrates multiple business needs into one simple service, thus saving considerable space and money by avoiding the need for extra hardware and other added costs.

IP PBX Phone Systems – Affordable Solutions for Streamlining Business Communications with Great Savings

IP PBX phone systems are extremely powerful, reliable, and easy to use. Today’s VoIP technology makes them affordable even for small businesses in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

An IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch eXchange) is a powerful office phone system that combines VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) with traditional PBX functionality, and delivers voice and video communications via a data network, enabling small Sherbrooke companies to enjoy all the convenient phone features and efficiency of larger corporations’ telephony systems at a much lower cost.

Hosted IP PBX Business Phone lines and Systems for Extra Savings

A hosted IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution affords growth, flexibility and security for your Sherbrooke, Quebec office. “Hosted” PBX systems offer all of the great features of a premises-based PBX, but without expensive added telephone hardware and internal management costs.

Expand your Sherbrooke business without expanding your expenses, with a a hosted IP PBX system.

Lowest Local and International Long Distance Telephone Calling Rates from Sherbrooke, Quebec, QC to Destinations Worldwide

A large selection of long distance phone calling packages are available for both local and international long distance phone calls, offering unlimited local calls and the lowest long distance telephone calling rates from Sherbrooke, Quebec, QC to destinations across the globe.

Business Lines (Digital or Analog)

Convergia’s business telephone line packages include voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, and caller ID while also enabling you to keep your current Sherbrooke, Quebec phone number. Convergia’s digital and analog business lines work with all phone systems, PBXs, as well as with laptops and smartphones, so you won’t have to change any of your phone systems or equipment.

SIP Trunking Improves Security and Saves Money with Great Flexibility

SIP can yield big savings for your company in Sherbrooke, Quebec. SIP eliminates the need for local PSTN gateways, expensive hardware, complicated network management tools and other costs. Additionally, SIP minimizes security risks through voice encryption. SIP Trunking is scalable with flexible bandwidth adjustment capabilities, so you only use – and pay for – as little or as much as you need. Your Sherbrooke business can grow easily and cost effectively, whenever and from wherever needed.

If your business currently has an IP-PBX system, your Sherbrooke, Quebec, QC office can take advantage of Convergia’s SIP trunking services to save money on all your company’s local and long distance calls. Our SIP trunking service is compatible with all of the most popular IP PBX systems, like Avaya, Trixbox, FreePBX, Switchbox and many more, giving your small Sherbrooke business access to Convergia’s unbeatable low long distance calling rates.

A Large Selection of Office phone Systems to choose from

An integrated business phone solution can be one of the easiest, most profitable and productive assets for your Sherbrooke, Quebec business, and Convergia has a large variety of office telephone systems available to choose from.

For a quote, just complete our survey to find out more about Convergia’s large selection of business phone systems, hosted IP PBX business telephone lines and VOIP business services or Call Convergia today and find out how we’re delighting our customers in Sherbrooke, Quebec, QC and all across the globe!